Delivering Local Visibility
to Drive In-Store Sales.

Retail Execution Redefined

You’ve developed great channel relationships. You’ve created programs that are proven to build demand. You’ve got the right placement, pricing and point-of-sale merchandising. But how do you know, at the retail level, that each critical piece of your strategy is being executed correctly?
Gigwalk Visibility
  • Leverage an on-demand mobile workforce of 500,000+ Gigwalkers or your own private workforce.
  • Check on the products and places that matter to your business in real-time.
  • Reach any store, at any location, at any time.
Gigwalk Collaboration
  • Share retail observations within your organization and with third parties.
  • See gaps in real-time, prioritize and dispatch fixes.
  • Address non-compliance before it is too late.
Gigwalk Action
  • Real-time fix notices and outcomes easily tracked.
  • Close the loop with retailers, distributors and brokers.
  • Speed time to resolution.

The Cost of Poor Retail Execution

$800 B Revenue lost globally to out of stocks(1)
(1) Retail out-of-stocks: A Worldwide Examination of Extent, Causes, and Consumer Responses – Gruen & Corsten 2008
$20B lost CPG revenue due to planogram non-compliance(2)
(2) Figure represents US CPG market; source data from NARMS – Retail Execution: New Century, New Solutions, Progressive Grocer
90% of $30B U.S. trade marketing spend does not produce positive ROI (3)
(3) AC Nielsen Survey 2012

Gigwalk in Action

Check out examples of the Gigwalk platform in action to learn more about how we can help you drive in-store sales by converting real-time data into action for business gain.
Retail Execution Retail Execution

Improve store-level execution and performance with real-time insights about your brand on the shelf.

Distributor & Broker Performance Retail Exectution

Leverage Gigwalk Scorecards and collaboration tools for third-party teams to drive performance and sales.

Trade Marketing Retail Exectution

Rest easy knowing everything is being executed correctly across thousands of retail locations. No more wasted trade marketing dollars!

Find & Fix Problems at Retail

Easily track store and event execution to eliminate blind spots and drive sales.
Store Execution Verification
Planogram compliance
and more...
Confidence in Event Execution
Location Confirmation
Timing Verification
Attire & Scripts
Samples delivered
and more...

How It Works

Smartphone Army

Detect store or event conditions.

Real-time Dashboard

Programmatically analyze data to discover in-store execution gaps.

Collaborate & Act

Send real-time fix notices to your store teams and share observations within your organization and with third parties.

Reclaim lost sales

Track fixes and close the loop with retailers, distributors and brokers. Realize measurable gains in retail sales.


We’ve worked with some of the best-known brands and retailers out there, including:

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