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Gig Basics

Tell us about the basic details of your Gig. These include: the title & brief description your workers will see when the Gig needs to be performed, and the location where the Gig needs to be done.

Worker To-dos

This is where you let your workers know what you need them to do. You can ask them to answer a question (such as: "What is the overall condition of place X?"), take a photo of a place or object

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    Tell us how you'd like your workers assigned to your Gig: we can either choose them for you, or you can review and approve each applicant. Decide on a price and click "Fund this gig" and you're done!

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    Effort to Complete
    How long do you estimate this Gig will take to complete on-site? (I.e., from the time a Gigwalker arrives at a Gig location to the time they submit their work)
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