Mobile Retail Audits

Gigwalk helped us get our audits done more quickly with more reliable data. Their verification features helped us build client trust.
- Vice President at a retail services firm

A retail audit firm had a client that needed to find out what was causing short-term fluctuations in sales within individual retail channels.

Using its smartphone-based technology, Gigwalk provided the audit firm with a platform to help them improve their audits:

  • Fast & Flexible (24-48 hour turnarounds)
  • National coverage (> 99% coverage of retail/grocery stores)
  • Accurate and verified store data
Example of Audit Finding Cause of Sales Fluctuation
Pricing Signage was inconsistent. Failure to execute on trade/pricing terms. Shoppers were confused Impact of price promotions was lost.
Placement Inconsistent store placement. Stores failed to stock shelves. Product was difficult to find.
Promotion Failure to consistently execute displays, cases, and end-caps. Reduced shopper awareness of product, benefits, price, promotions, etc.
Execution Excessive damage/expired product. Lost sales from damage.

Photos revealed that the product was blocked by other store displays

As a result of Gigwalk's mobile work platform, the firm could deploy audits quickly while ensuring quality:

  • More audits could be completed in a shorter amount of time, increasing their revenue
  • Higher coverage of retail and grocery stores meant a full picture of their client's retail situation
  • Occurrence of fraudulent audits dropped significantly, making their data more reliable

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Business needs:

Discover cause of sales fluctuations across multiple channels


Deploy Gigwalk’s smart- phone-enabled mobile workforce to conduct audits in thousands of stores across and pro- vide real-time information

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