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Place Signs at a Hy-Vee Store

This Gig pays $20
We are looking for Gigwalkers to go into Hy-Vee stores and put up signs for a Buddig turkey product. These signs will be mailed directly to you, so you will need to provide your address right after being accepted so that the materials can be mailed to you. This Gig MUST be completed on December 18th or 19th. If you are not able to travel to this specific Hy-Vee store on that date, please do not apply for the Gig.

1. After being accepted for this Gig, you must immediately fill out survey questions #1 and #2. (Your name and mailing address). Do not submit work at this point.

2. You will be mailed a package containing the materials you'll need to complete the Gig.

3. On December 18 or 19, visit the appropriate Hy-Vee store and find the refrigerated prepackaged meat section. Locate the Buddig Snack Buds Oven Roasted Turkey 1.6 OZ. size (UPC 0-77400-16133) Put up the sign using the included materials. Even if a sign is already up, you must replace the sign with the new one after neatly writing in the correct price (shown on the shelf price label) using a black marker pen. If the sign is not up and the product is carried, neatly write in the price using a black marker pen and put up the sign.

4. Take a photo of the sign you put up with approximately 2 feet of surrounding area. If the product is not carried, take a photo of the section (refrigerated prepackaged meat.) See examples of photos below.

5. Complete the rest of the survey questions in the gig, and submit your work for approval.

Example signs:

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