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Check Placement and Stock of Paper Towels

This Gig pays $35
Overview: This Gig requires you to locate, photograph, and inventory four paper towel products at this store location.

Product Locations: You will be searching for the products in two areas of the store. The paper towel section of the store and In "promotional" areas
Photos: You will need to capture 3 types of photos of the products.
A close up photo showing the product and its shelf tag.
A zoomed out photo of the product on the shelf that captures the products on the shelf around it.
Photo(s) of the entire Paper Towel section.
Photo Criteria:
Take head-on photos at a 90 degree angle to the shelf (not a steep angle). Example of correct angle:

Be sure that your shelf photos show all brands/products on the shelf around the product
Survey Questions: Identify 4 different item's shelf tag and count the inventory.

Shelf tags. You must verify the shelf tag for the item. Example of a shelf tag:

Inventory/Out of stock questions. Within the survey are some inventory questions that require you to count the products that are currently stocked on the shelf.

1.) Regular Bounty Paper Towels
2.) Brawny White Paper Towels
3.) Scott White Paper Towels
4.) Viva White Paper Towels

If you run into any issues/have questions, please message us via the Gigwalk app.

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